1. What were some of the deciding factors on you choosing Uconn?

 It just seemed like it had everything that I was looking for in a school…other players that play at a high level…of course because will have a chance to do some special things with the team that coach has put together.
2. How do you see your game fitting in at Uconn?

 I’ll do whatever it is that coach asks of me. With the team we’re going to have next season there are going to be a lot of open shots I mean who are you going to double team?
3. What most impressed you about Coach Geno Auriemma?

 The way that he cares for his players on and off the floor.
4. What are some goals you have set for your senior season?

 To just really have a lot of fun and enjoy it and winning the state title.
5. What part of being on the court do you enjoy most?

 Playing with my teammates because after a few season you become family and everyone wants to make the extra pass.
6. How excited are you for the challenging schedule this season?

 Actually when I saw the schedule I was really excited…we play a lot of tuff teams this season…it’ll really show us where we stand as a unit…and maybe prove a lot of people wrong that think a team from Delaware can’t beat top teams.
7. Which do you like best Nike, Adidas or Reebok?

 hmmm I always wear Nikes or Jordans
8. Who is your biggest role model?

 As far as life goes my sister Lizzie is a constent inspertation to me daily…as an athlete probably Michael Jordan.
9. What are some strengths of your game?

 I’d probably say my jumper…just because being as tall as I am it’s easy to get my shoot off.
10. How much did taking a break from basketball this summer help you?

 Oh my it helped a lot, because it helped me see just how much fun I had playing.
11. What are some goals you have set for your future?

 To get my degree and see where basketball takes me.
12. Do you feel any added pressure having been in the spotlight for so long?

 Ummm not really I learned a longtime ago that what other people say about me doesn’t really affect me. I know who I am and what I can do!