Brian Oliver 

Brian Oliver (Oak Hill Academy, VA) Class of 2009

I had a chance to talk with Brian after their 73 to 70 victory over Mt. St. Joseph’s (MD) on Sunday afternoon. I asked him a few questions about how life is going for him down at Oak Hill Academy. This was Brian’s 3rd game at Oak Hill Academy and he is still trying to learn the system and get a feel for the other players.

How are you adjusting to life away from home?

“I am adjusting better than I thought I would. I thought I would be home sick a lot but all of the teammates have welcomed me like family. So they are making it a lot easier for me to adjust.”

What has been the biggest challenge for you since arriving at Oak Hill Academy?

“Being in better shape b/c they run a lot more than they do in Delaware.”

What are you looking forward to getting out of your experience at Oak Hill Academy?

“Basically getting better prepared for college and everything I understand my role on team and everything and I understand right now I am not going to get the minutes that you would really want but you just have to play your role on the team and do what you have to do.”

Do you have any new schools to include in your list?

“No I do not have any new schools to add.”

School’s that have offered – West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Xavier, Miami, Baylor, Virginia Tech, Cincinnati, Umass and Penn State


School’s that have shown interest – Georgia Tech, Georgetown, Florida State, Kentucky, Connecticut, Clemson, Louisville, Syracuse, North Carolina, Virginia, Seton Hall, Notre Dame, Arizona, Arizona State, Wisconsin, Northwestern, LSU, Tennessee, Temple, St. Joseph’s, Rhode Island, Cornell, Stanford, Iowa, Vanderbilt, New Mexico, NC State, Villanova, Maryland, Drexel, Colgate, Army, and Sienna.