These are the player rankings from the New England Adidas JR. Phenom Camp that were held on March 29-30. This event was once again a huge success drawing in some of the top talent from the area along with some from surrounding states. Each player that attended the camp came away with some strong fundamental drills that they can take with them and continue to use helping them advance their skill sets.
Player Rankings provided by Premo Hoops Recruiting 6th graders

  1. Cheyenne Nettleton
  2. Elijah McNeely-Davy
  3. Bonzie Colson
  4. Bruce Greene
  5. Tyler Nelson
  6. A.J. Maestats
  7. Joshua Wallace
  8. Tyree Robinson
  9. Tyrone Mathis
  10. Isaiah Godwin
  11. Brad Besson
  12. Ryan Fogarty
  13. Brendan Miller
  14. Hilal Dahleh
  15. Deron Alford
  16. Romanie Sanchez

7th graders


  1. Chijioke Ajoku
  2. Ajani Collier
  3. Travis Descoteaux

8th graders


  1. Muhammad Bey
  2. Romas Marcinkevicius
  3. Rushon Young
  4. Marquez Collins
  5. Jacob Fay
  6. Antonio Rivera
  7. Chris Ward
  8. Tyrell Springer
  9. Steve Kearns
  10. Miles Hobby

9th graders


  1. Showly Nicholson
  2. Joshua Morgan
  3. Dan Pittman
  4. Matt Beaulieu
  5. Taariq Cephas

10th graders


  1. Chris Coleman
  2. Eric Alleyne
  3. Jeremic Bennett
  4. Andy Tate

11th graders


  1. Haneef Scott
  2. Victor Muniz
  3. Willie Lyons