Class of 2009

Players school list:

Ferrakohn Hall (White Station, TN)

Offers: Oklahoma State, Memphis, UAB and Arkansas

Showing Interest: Tennessee, Missouri and Syracuse

Favorite: “I don’t really have any favorites. I think all of those schools that I mentioned are great schools.”

Note: “I might be visiting UAB unofficially on the 20th, but nothing’s final.” Also, as for his offer from defending the NCAA Tournament runner-up, Hall said, “Memphis offered me way back in my tenth grade summer.” In addition, Hall told me, “I’m still completely open to all colleges. I’m nowhere near making a decision on where I want to go.”

Class of 2010

Players school list:

Tobias Harris (Long Island Lutheran, NY)

Offers: Syracuse, Uconn, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Rutgers, Maryland, Louisville, West Virginia and others.

Showing Interest: “Right now it’s open, so any school that’s coming in right now I’m looking at.”

Favorite: “No favorite I am looking to have a top 5 after the season.”

Class of 2011

Players school list:

James McAdoo (Norfolk Christian, VA)

Offers: Florida and UCLA

Showing Interest: North Carolina, UCLA, Texas, Georgetown, Wake Forest, Clemson, UConn, Ohio State and Syracuse

Favorite: UCLA, UNC and Florida

Notes: McAdoo, who has visited Duke in the past said that “as of now, yes,” the Blue Devils are out of the picture.

Provided by Alex Schwartz (NorthStar BBall Blog)